How running my first half marathon helped me understand the power of recognition in the workplace

By Meghan Barrett, Content Marketing Editor 

About a month ago, I ran my first-ever half marathon. Yes, a whole 13.1 miles. It was no easy challenge and there was definitely some mental and physical prepping involved. But even if you’re as prepared as you can be, you never really know how hard it’s going to be the day of. You can’t predict the course, the weather or how you’re going to feel that morning.

But as you line up on the starting line with the rest of the 1,000 people running, you get a jolt of energy. Once you start running, you think to yourself “this isn’t so bad! I can do this! 13.1 miles is nothing!” (Er, 20.18 kilometres, for my British coworkers!) But as you pass mile 3, then 4, then 5… you start to hit an energetic plateau. What once felt effortless at the beginning of the race now seems a little bit out of reach.

Somewhere along the halfway point, after you’ve passed another water station, you start to wonder how much longer you’re going to be running for and why you even signed up to do this in the first place. Then you unexpectedly hear someone say “good job! You got this!” While flashing you a big smile and putting out their hand for a high-five.

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