How Nando’s Has Raised the Bar for Employee Rewards

Nando’s employee Chloe Sutherland recently revealed a letter from her employer in a viral Tiktok video. The letter unveiled a very generous employee reward scheme. As she had devoted five years to working for the restaurant, she would receive an extra 4 weeks off on top of her holiday. 

The letter read: “A lot can happen in five years. Even more in four weeks. Congratulations on five PERI-amazing years. There must be something that you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to realise? As our way of saying thank you, we would love to give you an extra four weeks of paid leave to make that ambition a reality. So get out there, have fun, and don’t forget to let us know what you get up to!” 

How Do Employee Rewards Help Retention?

One comment on Chloe Sutherland’s TikTok read: “wow that’s amazing! My work gave me a $5 Starbucks card for my 5th year working there”. 

Appreciation is important; 66% of employees and eight in ten millennials say they would quit their job if they didn’t feel appreciated. The same study found that companies with “recognition-rich” cultures and reliable employee reward schemes, had a 31% lower staff turnover rate.

Employee rewards that promote a work-life balance are both popular and important for employees and employers alike. 72% of people consider their work-life balance while searching for a job. 

On top of anniversary gifts, Nando’s offers other perks at work such as free meals when employees are on shift and up to 40% off when they’re not. These are easy ways a company can show that they care about their employees.

Can Companies Do Better With Their Employee Rewards?

Despite this generous benefit, Nando’s have a relatively average score when it comes to their employee ratings on Indeed. Considering the overwhelmingly positive reaction to their 4-week sabbatical. Nando’s only scored 3.4 stars in the ‘pay and benefits’ category and 3.5 for ‘work-life’ balance. Although this isn’t a bad score, it does not suggest they are innovators when it comes to employee rewards.

Here at Each Person, we are passionate about allowing employers to reward their employees every day and not just on special occasions or for milestones. Our employee rewards scheme means you can celebrate the little things with Epoints and ecards.

As a company, we offer our own employees their birthday off, extra time off at Christmas and early finishes on a Friday. This shows our employees that we care about their work-life balance as much as they do.

What Are Other Companies Doing?

Bupa and Prezzo have partnered with us to offer their combined 87,000 employees the range of benefits that Each Person has to offer.

Mitz Patel, Head of Projects at Prezzo, said: “We have an incredibly passionate and hardworking team of people. Working in the hospitality industry can be challenging, and our employees are integral to overcoming these hurdles. To ensure our customers leave with a smile and make memories, we understand how crucial it is for our employees to feel valued and looked after.”

On top of this, Bupa offers a gym membership and a bike to work scheme, while both our clients offer free lunch for their workers.

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