How Corporate Volunteering Policies Boost Employee Productivity

In 2024, companies are fighting to beat the employee disengagement epidemic – and with 77% of employees being disengaged at work, it’s easy to see why. Simultaneously,  with higher expectations for social and environmental responsibility, businesses have to step up if they hope to win investment, attract talent, and earn consumer trust.

At this particular moment, volunteerism offers a unique win-win solution for businesses. In ACCP’s 4th Annual CSR Insights Survey , 61% of respondents reported an increase in employee volunteering in 2023. This is a change in trend after the decline in employee volunteering since the COVID pandemic. Clearly, businesses are recognising that volunteering is an important element of any CSR strategy.

But how exactly does volunteering improve purpose and productivity? Well, the Boston School of Management’s 2023 Community Involvement Study showed that employee volunteering is a key driver of employee engagement. A whopping 91% of the companies that measured the connection found a positive correlation between employee volunteering and employee engagement scores.

OnHand’s handbook on How Corporate Volunteering Policies Boost Employee Productivity is your all-in-one guide to leveraging workplace volunteering to harness your people’s full potential. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Real-world case studies on the impact of corporate volunteering with OnHand
  • The link between volunteering and employee engagement
  • How volunteering boosts corporate culture and reputation
  • Volunteering as a tool to enhance personal development and skill sets
  • How volunteering increases performance and productivity

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