Google increases its employee parental leave entitlement to 14 weeks

Technology organisation Google has extended its parental leave benefits worldwide, offering its 114,000 eligible employees additional support during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

On 16 April 2020, Google extended its carer leave policy by eight weeks, to support working parents dealing will school and care facility closures during the pandemic.

This is in addition to the core benefit of four weeks carer leave currently offered by the organisation, as well as a two-week transition period into caring that was previously announced earlier this year, entitling working parents to a total of 14 weeks paid parental leave.

Employees will now be able to liaise with their managers to organise flexible hours and will be able to take the paid leave as half a number of weeks off in a row if necessary in increments of either full or half days.

The enhanced benefit is effective from the date that the child’s school or family member’s care facility closes.