Giving back with reward and recognition

Lauren Goldgrub, General Manager of OneHub | Recognition, Benefex

As employers, we have a certain amount of influence over our people – through workplace culture, communications, and much more. (It is no coincidence that some of the most philanthropic organisations employ the most compassionate individuals; not only does good attract good, but kindness breeds kindness.) We also have the responsibility to use this ‘power’ for good. One example of using this influence positively is by promoting initiatives which improve the wellbeing of our people and support our community. This includes the recent eruption of wellbeing messaging, the focus on greener business practices, and the ongoing emphasis on charitable giving.

One fantastic way of encouraging social responsibility within your employees is promoting benefits like payroll giving (also called Give As You Earn), but a new way of giving – through employees donating their rewards – is about to take the world of work by storm…

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