Get more active together

With National Fitness Day tomorrow, there’s no better time to celebrate the role physical activity plays across the UK! National Fitness Day encourages those of all ages to get more active and raise awareness of the importance it plays in leading a healthier active lifestyle. Why not get more active together this National Fitness Day!

Workout as an office
Exercise can become a bit of a chore to balance when you have a busy working and home life. Therefore, incorporating physical activity into the working day can sometimes be the best way to fit it in.  Working out on lunch breaks with colleagues can help provide motivation and make people more likely to stick to the workout as someone is relying on them. If you are a company who wants to offer your employees office workouts, then Your Wellness Hub is here to help and provide Office Yoga, Office Pilates, Office Tai Chi, Walkfit Classes, and BMF Group Workouts.

Exercise as a family
Shocking figures have revealed that there are now 124 million obese children worldwide. Children develop habits early in life, therefore it is essential parents get their children interested in exercising as they will take on their healthy habits into adulthood.  Make family exercise fun so choose activities that don’t seem like exercise such as cycling, swimming, roller skating or ice skating.

Join group fitness classes
If you find exercise boring then make it more fun with a group fitness class! Don’t worry they aren’t all about loud music and people shouting at you! Group fitness classes are perfect for socialising, reaping the health benefits of the workout, supporting each other and most of all having fun. Classes offer people a wide variety of exercises such as kickboxing, Pilates, yoga, bootcamp, spinning classes, aqua aerobics and much more! Participating in a selection of different classes in your week will keep your body guessing about which workout it will be doing next and will speed up your metabolism.

Incorpore have been delivering gym solutions for 17 years to over 1,700 of the largest employers in the British Isles from over 3,200 health clubs. Our mission is to dramatically increasing the uptake and promotion of gym memberships and wellness services within the working population of the British Isles.

Incorpore has two gym solution products offering discounted gym memberships: GymFlex and My Gym Discounts. Along with offering gym solutions, Incorpore provide discounts on health, sport and fitness products through My Active Discounts. Our newest product is Your Wellness Hub, which is a platform dedicated to providing employers with the tools to help improve the health and wellness of their workplace. Whether your company is just starting out on its health and wellness journey, or you are best in class and seeking ways to improve, Your Wellness Hub is here to add a new dimension to the way in which you deliver this strategy by offering a whole host of products and services that will encourage your employees to Live Fit, Work Fit and Think Fit.