Four ways to help you navigate that tricky reward and recognition budget

By Kylie Terrell, Employee Engagement Consultant

Did you ever get a lollipop for going to the doctor’s office? Or maybe a treat from mum or dad if you did well at school? From a young age, we know that when we do something good we’re likely to get rewarded for it. As kids, we learnt the power of recognition when we were awarded for our good behaviour.

It’s no different in the workplace. Every time we positively recognise certain behaviours, we reinforce the idea that those behaviours are desirable. In other words, when employees are recognised for the hard work they do, for trying something new or for pushing the boundaries so they can smash a target, they’re more likely to repeat that.

So, let’s say you’re at the beginning stage of introducing employee recognition to your organisation. You understand you need to implement a reward and recognition strategy, but where do you begin?

Now we can skip straight to the suggested spend on an employee recognition programme (we promise, we’ll get there) but before you determine your budget, there are some things you need to consider before you do.

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