Four-day week most sought-after benefit

Almost two-thirds of Britons would like to work a four-day week, according to research into the popularity of various employee benefits.

Only 39% of UK workers were happy with their current benefits package at work, while 43% think they could be improved. One in 10 of 2,200 adult workers polled by HR software company Factorial said their place of work does not offer any benefits.

Those with a benefits package were asked whether they utilise the perks on offer, with one in three (32%) revealing that they haven’t used any at all. A further 40% reported that they have used the available benefits, but not regularly, while the remaining 28% use them regularly.

The benefits most regularly taken advantage of when available included birthday days off (71%), gym memberships (68%) and staff discounts (64%). In comparison, private healthcare was the least likely benefit to be utilised by employees (11%).

Asked which benefits people most wanted from their employer, 63% said a four-day week, 60% cited gym membership, and 53% sought a day off on their birthday. The next most popular options were subsidised travel (49%) and shopping discounts (46%).

However asked what they would choose if given the option of more benefits or extra pay, the majority of respondents (71%) went for for a boost to their salary.

Bernat Farrero, CEO of Factorial, said: “Benefits, or work perks, are a vital part of ensuring that you maintain a happy workforce; by not offering decent perks as part of the job you endanger turning employees – both old and new – away.

“It was interesting to learn that a four-day week is now the most sought-after work perk, especially with the recent news that Scotland is set to trial it.”