Exploring 3 common Employee Value Proposition myths

Author:  Alastair Fitzsimons Employee Engagement Consultant at Reward Gateway

It seems like businesses of all shapes and sizes are being challenged with employee retention and attraction. But you don’t have to be a multi-national powerhouse to create an amazing culture and Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for your people.

In my role as an Employee Engagement Consultant at Reward Gateway, I work with a lot of small and medium-sized businesses. I get to work with leaders in different industries, and help them with their engagement goals, needs and challenges. It feels great to add value and contribute to their people strategies and results.

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Some businesses feel they need to have high-level maturity to nail their EVP and compete in the talent market. But when it comes to creating a quality EVP and engagement strategy, that’s not typically the case. In my experience with Reward Gateway, there are five myths that definitely need busting.

Click here to discover five common EVP myths.