Everything you need to know about symptom tracking apps for your teams

The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged the world of work into a new digital reality, from video calls to VR headsets.

But perhaps the biggest boom has been in digital health, with more employers now looking at digital solutions for employee wellbeing benefits, or to help manage new COVID-19 secure workplace regulations.

Last month, Chelsea FC became the latest organisation to adopt Huma Health Shield, a COVID-19 return to work app featuring symptom tracking, daily health check-ins and personal COVID-19 risk scores.

Symptom tracking apps are an invaluable tool for this first line of defence against COVID-19 entering the workplace, and for effective crisis management if there is an office outbreak.

What exactly are symptoms tracking apps?

Symptom tracking apps allow employees to report any symptoms in real-time. Often apps will prompt a daily check-in, filled out via a set of simple predefined questions, even if you are feeling well.

If an employee reports any symptoms linked to COVID-19, they can be directed to support services such as NHS helplines and near-site testing facilities, in addition to the employer being alerted.

More advanced apps will provide employers with a dashboard or dataset on the aggregated health of their workforce and many have contact tracing features, educational content and crisis management communication capabilities.

What are the benefits?

After months of social isolation, it’s no surprise that over half of UK workers (54%) are apprehensive about the prospect of returning to work.

Having an ‘in-pocket’ tool at their disposal that enables them to monitor their personal health and exposure to COVID-19 can help to quell these anxieties and make decisions, such as deciding to go into work or not, based on personal data.

For employers, having a symptom tracking solution in place can help curb any potential outbreaks. The key to reducing transmission of COVID-19, is swift reactivity time. If an employee does report any symptoms, employers can act fast to initiate crisis management and notify anyone who has been in contact with that employee.

 How to choose a symptom tracking solution for my workforce?

 During a time where there are many physical and mental pressures on employees, there is logic for introducing health tracking systems in the workplace. The question is, how to choose the right one?

There are a number of different apps that have emerged during the pandemic from both public and private institutions, each offering differing features and levels of sophistication.

Huma Health Shield offers comprehensive daily symptom tracking, alongside COVID-19 exposure risk reporting and integrated swab testing kit options for any employees displaying symptoms.

Discover how Huma Health Shield could benefit your teams, book a demo with our team today.