75% of employees are happier working from home

88% of employees want to continue working remotely part-time

Three-quarters (75%) of employees in the UK are happier working from home, according to research by Huawei.

Its survey of 2,000 office-based employees also found that more than half of respondents (53%) say choosing where they work is having a positive impact on their mental health.

Additionally, 53% of respondents are enjoying being able to schedule their working day, with just under half (47%) enjoying not having a dress code, 42% benefiting from having more time for house chores, and 39% citing being less distracted by their fellow employees as a bonus.

More than four-fifths (88%) of employees are enjoying the experience so much, they want to continue working from home at least on a part-time basis, 60% want to work remotely at least three days per week, and 17% would prefer to never go back to an office environment.

When it comes to remote working locations, just under one-third (30%) tend to log in from the same location every day, with 86% of employees setting up their new workplace outdoors. More a third (37%) are choosing to work in the garden, 16% are utilising their local park and 12% are using their balconies as a place to work.

Four out of five respondents (87%) believe that technology has given them the ability to work remotely efficiently. To maximise the advantages of flexible working, just over three-quarters (76%) agree that fast broadband is top priority, followed by internet reliability (62%) and long battery life (42%).

More than one-third (37%) believe that being close to family and friends is important when working remotely, while 33% desire having the countryside on their doorstep.

The research also found that just over two-fifths (43%) would consider relocating due to remote working, if they could continue to work remotely, while 37% would be willing to commute an extra 39 miles, with them using this time to work.

Anson Zhang, managing director at Huawei UK Consumer Business Group, said: “With increased remote working set to be the new normal for lots of office staff, technology is now more important than ever.

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“As the world moves to new ways of working, technology has undoubtedly smoothed the transition, helping many people adapt to remote working and to shape a future of increased flexibility.”