Employee culture: the importance of being authentic

We’ve written previously about the importance of being strategic and proactive when it comes to the creation of your employee culture. As with your organisation’s overarching purpose and goals, it is not something to be left to chance, allowed to spontaneously emerge and just ‘be what it will be’. At least, not if you want it to work for you.

Your company culture should be a reflection of who you are as a business. In some ways, it is the most tangible manifestation of its personality; company culture brings a business to life through the daily experiences of all who work there – and indeed many others associated with it, such as clients, shareholders or suppliers. And one of the most valuable opportunities that your culture offers you is the chance to encourage specific behaviours from your workforce, behaviours that engender your values and goals. If your employee culture is in the background of your business, it means that you are not exploiting the power it has to help you accomplish all that your organisation set out to achieve.

So how can you bring your company culture into the foreground, and really get it working for you?

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