eDreams Odigeo launches flexible working system

Online travel business eDreams Odigeo has implemented a new next-generation smart hybrid working system to encourage employee flexibility and engagement.

The system is a result of extensive analysis of the most productive and effective ways of flexible working for a greater work-life balance. It will apply to all eDreams Odigeo locations worldwide and will be introduced in September.

Staff will be able to choose and combine remote working with face-to-face office work in order to meet their personal needs and business objectives, while at the same time boosting engagement.

According to eDreams Odigeo, it decided to introduce this permanent policy after 16 months of working in a 100% remote environment, with the objective being to balance in-person and remote work to avoid isolation. The business also wanted to guarantee a healthy and motivating work atmosphere, fostering connected environments and teamwork alongside transparency, flexibility and mutual trust, to ensure achievement for both the individual and the business.

Gerrit Goedkoop, chief operating officer of eDreams Odigeo, explained that as an organisation in the travel technology sector, it is constantly innovating in all aspects of the business, including in the way in which staff work and how senior employees manage their teams and talent.

“We are proud to present a pioneering work system that is a first in our industry and that gathers the best of each working model, which will ensure the best results for the business as well as the highest work-life balance for our team members. Our new working system will ensure that our teams continue to have all the necessary tools and means to make this new era of travel a memorable one for us and for travellers from all over the world,” he said.