Downtown Alliance calls for urban adventurer to live rent-free in New York

Something for the weekend: Non-profit business improvement organisation Downtown Alliance is on the hunt for a social influencer and urban explorer to live in and experience Lower Manhattan.

In addition to a wage of $2,250 (£1,742.19) per fortnight, for many the main benefit will be the chance to live rent-free in the notoriously costly New York City, where as at January 2020 the average one-bedroom apartment cost $2,891 (£2,238.52) per month, according to comparison website Rent Jungle.

The successful applicant will not only have their apartment paid for by Downtown Alliance, but will also be reimbursed for their travel to New York for the opportunity, and home at the end. The explorer in chief will also receive a stipend for meals, adventures and experiences undertaken on behalf of the Downtown Alliance.

Hudson-bound hopefuls must submit a 60-second video, explaining why this is the adventure for them, and must have an open social media presence. Apart from being original, Downtown Alliance is flexible on the content for these videos; in true New York City style, breakdancing, beatboxing and poetry are all welcome.

Applicants have until 15 March 2020 to be considered, with the summer job starting on 1 June and ending on 30 August this year.

The lucky aspiring New Yorker will be expected to work the equivalent of a full-time job taking part in exciting experiences, and will be expected to deliver an agreed-upon range of cross-channel content.

Here at Employee Benefits, we think this takes the term ‘employee experience‘ to a whole new level…