Does mental health stand alongside physical and financial health in your total wellbeing strategy?

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, and the US recognises the whole month of May as Mental Health Month. For many companies, mental health has slowly, but successfully come out from the shadows to stand alongside physical and financial health as part of total wellbeing.

With the raised awareness, public destigmatisation of mental health issues and easy to find educational materials, this month is a great time for companies to take inventory of their mental health offerings.

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Additionally, there are many resources to help companies and individuals find mental health information. From the below sources you will find a wide range of downloadable tools, posters and information specific to different aspects of mental health. Hopefully, by providing these materials and discussing mental health, we can turn this month-long recognition into year-long awareness.

Mental Health America: Mental health month

The National Council for Behavioral Health Mental Health Month Resources

The National Alliance on Mental Illness: Mental health month

The Alliance for Suicide Prevention

We can help you to look at your mental wellbeing strategy and how you can maximise your employee’s engagement with it as part of a total wellbeing strategy. Please get in touch for an informal meeting.