Do you value your core values enough?

By Ren Patel, Client Success Director 

A strong set of company values isn’t just a nice-to-have anymore – it’s essential to help shape how clients view your business, ensure that all your employees are on board with your mission, and help you pick the best people.

In 2013, we had just four values at Reward Gateway. They weren’t bad values – everyone liked them – but we felt that they had served their purpose. They were:

Be Bold, Work Smart, Innovate and Deliver.

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But here’s what happened: the business was growing quickly, and we wanted to protect our culture and make sure it stayed with us on this journey.

To make sure we were on the right path, we needed a fresh set of ideals and principles. Click here to read the rest of my blog, where I’m going to share how we implemented these new values, why they’re so important, and how your company can do the same.