Davidson Asset Management increase employee physical activity levels by 130% with new wellbeing platform

After one month of using the new wellbeing app Myles Wellbeing, physical activity levels had increased by 130% for Davidson Asset Management (DAM Employee benefits). This means that DAM is now impressively 2.3 times more active.

With 70% of their employees signed up to the platform already, the new app which promotes workplace wellbeing is certainly motivating workers to get active.

Described as the “The friendly fitness competition your team needs”, Myles Wellbeing is an inclusive app for employers who want to support their employees with leading healthy lives and reward them for doing so.

Building on the success of their previous platform, Myles Challenges, which was used by over 20,000 people including employees at Dell, NHS Supply Chain and Capital One, the new app is aimed to support the wellbeing of desk-based workers.

Myles Wellbeing moves past traditional office ‘step’ challenges by connecting with over 30 smartwatches and fitness apps, allowing users to compete with colleagues and earn rewards for hundreds of activities and sports.

DAM has grown to become a recognised UK specialist in delivering meaningful employee benefits, mainly, but not exclusively, to the UK hospitality and leisure sectors. With 20  years of experience in building employee reward programmes that aid staff retention and help build some of the best teams in the industry, Lorraine Kellie, Managing Director, told us about her experience using the new Myles wellbeing app.

Lorraine explained, “Partnering with Myles is just one part of DAM’s wellbeing programme, but it’s an important part for us and our team. It’s  good to bring out a bit of competitiveness within the teams, with the monthly leaderboards visible to everyone, this certainly keeps people going and improving their position on the boards each month”.

Indeed, the new platform even incentivises behavioural change by looking at participants’ improvement month on month with the results displayed on the team leaderboard. However, this leaderboard remains fair and inclusive as Myles Wellbeing uses an algorithm based on ‘metabolic equivalent tasks’ to compare running with yoga, rowing with dance classes, or walking with tennis to enable users to earn points. Plus, if you’re at the top of the leaderboard you will have earned plenty of ‘Smyles’ which can be exchanged for a range of rewards.

Lorraine from DAM added, “We preach to our clients that employee wellbeing should be top of the agenda for any business and if I wasn’t practising what I was preaching then there was a problem!”. She concluded, stating, “Having a successful wellbeing programme in place, like Myles Wellbeing, is definitely an integral part of creating a healthy workplace where employees can flourish, reach their potential and make a difference to our organisation’s performance”.

With so many employees now flexibly working from home at their desk-based jobs, the Myles Wellbeing app is a great wellbeing resource to get employees motivated to move. As Toby Cannon, the Founder and CEO of the new app, explains: “We’re the first generation that need to build physical activity into our day to day lives. At Myles Wellbeing we’re super excited to continue seeing our app support employees in creating sustainable wellbeing habits”.