Buddy and Barley bring joy and beer to customers during Covid-19

Image credit: Six Harbors Brewing Company

Something for the weekend: Buddy and Barley, also known as the ‘brew dogs’, have been working hard bringing joy and beer to residents of Huntington, New York.

With the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic forcing the public to stay indoors where possible, microbrewery Six Harbors Brewing Company has ’employed’ the canine duo to deliver beer directly to any customers who would like to have a furry visitor or two.

Despite sales being down by at least 30%, the new delivery option is ensuring the business can still function as effectively as possible.

Customers can enjoy Barley Dog Brown Ale and Buddy’s Golden Larger with the added bonus of getting them delivered by the local celebrities themselves.

Owners Karen and Mark ensure that their loyal, hard-working dogs are following social distancing guidelines, putting them and their customers’ minds at ease.

Karen Heuwetter, owner at Six Harbors Brewing Company, said: “Buddy and Barley are superstars in the town of Huntington. They have been requested in many cases, and we are making it well known that they can deliver beer to your house.”

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“When they go out and make people smile, I think people really like that. In fact, people need that these days, so when they put a smile on people’s faces they’re doing their job, which by nature is easy for them.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we hope that the brew dogs are being rewarded through cuddles and snacks for all their hard work.