A unique way to help your remote working staff keep active

Are you worried about your remote/hybrid working employees’ physical health, too? Do most of them have a sedentary lifestyle and are not moving enough? Well, you are right to do so.

Physical inactivity and poor diet are increasingly becoming part of today’s lifestyle leading to the rapid rise of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or obesity according to the World Health Organization. Chronic diseases caused by these risk factors are now the leading causes of death in every part of world (except some parts of Africa). These chronic diseases are entirely preventable. Employers could save precious lives; companies could save thousands on reducing absenteeism and presenteeism which have both risen since the pandemic.

YFN Global have created an incredibly affordable solution for businesses and have built an app to help employers keep their staff more active, by running pre-recorded and live workout classes for remote working teams. Members can connect their smart watches, there is a real-time leader board on screen (with the pre-recorded classes too, how cool is that) and it is full of industry-leading features.

So, if reducing absenteeism is something you would like to reduce as a business, be sure to book a free consultation with YFN to see how they can help you with that.