A guide to supporting employees with the cost of living

With inflation and the rising cost of living employers face a unique challenge where they must support employees adequately with rapidly rising costs while also keeping their head above the water and managing those same rising costs too.

HR must do everything they can to not only support employees with rising costs but prove the value of employee benefits within the business too.

Thankfully, there are tons of benefits out there that can help employees where others cannot. For example, only employers can support employees through salary sacrifice schemes, or through unique employee benefits that can help employees save in multiple areas.

Helping employees with the rising cost of living is a win-win for everyone.

In this e-book, we delve into the array of employee benefits than can help employees with the cost of living, including:

  • Helping employees solve short-term financial problems and build long-term financial habits
  • Helping employees reduce and manage motoring costs
  • Saving and managing the cost of the commute
  • Saving on healthcare and improving wellbeing

Download the free e-book here.