85% of remote workers want a hybrid approach

New data has revealed that 85% of remote workers want to use a hybrid approach of both home and office based methods.

The Office for National Statistics published a report entitled Business and individual attitudes towards the future of homeworking, UK: April to May 2021 to examine the expectations of businesses and individuals regarding the future of remote working.

The research found that the proportion of adults who worked from home at some point in 2020 increased to 37% on average from 27% in 2019, with those living in London the most likely to do so.

Those aged 30 to 49 years were also most likely to work from home, with almost half (45%) of this age group doing so compared to 34% of those aged 16 to 29 years and 32% of 50- to 69-year-olds.

According to the report, a total of 31% answered that their workforce was operating remotely as restrictions eased in April and May 2021, and the majority of staff in the information and communication, and professional, scientific and technical activities industries were working remotely, at 81% and 71% respectively.

A total of 24% of businesses that have not stopped permanently trading intend to use increased home working going forward, with the information and communication industry recording the highest proportion at 49%. However, 32% said they were not sure what percentage of the workforce will be working from their usual place of work in the future.

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Gary Parsons, managing director at Talk Staff, explained that employees have been asking for flexibility for a long time and finally, most employers are now listening by allowing a hybrid approach.

“It doesn’t come without complication though and we now need to embrace the new challenge of managing both side by side. To make the future a success, employers need to quickly develop their skills in managing performance and giving employees the freedom to make their own decisions,” he said.