84% of UK job applicants said they judge a company based on the process it uses for recruitment – HR Grapevine.

Finding the right fit for your business is a challenge all HR professionals face whenever they start the recruitment process. However, when you’re looking for a person to lead and develop an already established team, the candidate needs to have that extra special something.

It’s an employee-driven market, and it’s no longer just about finding the right fit for your business. You also need to convince your ideal candidates that your company is right for them.

Every business will have its USP, and some will be able to offer incentives that others can’t.

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This article will give you seven effective tips for attracting the best managers, broken down into two sections. The first will focus on the initial talent attraction stage, and the second will focus on ensuring you’re offering the role to the right person.

In this blog, we take a look at: ensuring your rewards and benefits are competitive, showcasing your social value credentials, promoting internally, and how Sodexo Engage can help with talent acquisition.