64% of UK staff would take pay cut for other benefits

Almost two-thirds of UK workers (64%) would consider taking a pay cut if a new role offered other benefits, according to a study.

Insurer Aviva’s latest How we live report revealed that 22% would think about taking a lower salary if they had a hybrid working option, while 31% would do the same if they were able to choose flexible working hours.

Almost one-fifth (18%) would be prepared to take a wage cut if they worked for a charity or not-for-profit organisation, and 15% would do so if the business had strong environmental credentials. This view is higher among those aged under 25, with a quarter of people in this age group saying they would consider a lower salary for these reasons.

Around three-fifths (58%) would consider changing their current role for a greener career, with 70% of workers in finance as well as engineering and building holding this view. More than a fifth (21%) are already participating in initiatives to make their employer more environmentally friendly, while an additional 50% would like to get more involved in it.

Jon Marsh, managing director of partnerships at Aviva General Insurance, commented that it was positive news so many UK staff are bringing green thinking into their working routines as well as their personal lives.

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“The latest How we live data shows that a great many employees are already involved in environmental initiatives in their workplace, from simply re-using cups, to limiting unnecessary travel, to making use of electric vehicle leasing schemes,” he said.

“Three-quarters of workers acknowledge that their employer has made environmental progress in the past five years, but they want to do more to make a difference. This could mean actions taken in a current role or switching to a position with a more environmental focus, but the emphasis on green career ambitions is clear,” Marsh added.