5 ideas to introduce recognition into your onboarding processes

Author: Dawn Saxby-Willis, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Reward Gateway

Onboarding is a stressful time. Not only for the company representative who is hard at work ensuring all the housekeeping is done, but for the new hire. They may have a lot racing through their minds, such as worrying about whether they arrive on time, or perhaps concern around how they’ll connect with their colleagues that first day.

But another thing on the minds of new employees is whether they made the right decision leaving their previous employer and starting with a new company. One great way to ease their concern and counter any second thoughts is to bring recognition into the onboarding process.

Up to 17% of new hires never last past their 90 days. With the substantial price tag tied to employee turnover that includes calculating the expense of recruitment cost, onboarding costs, training costs and lost productivity from an unfilled position, investing a little more to include recognition with your onboarding will have a huge ROI in just a short time.

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By adding best practice recognition within onboarding processes, you can see results that have a long-lasting impact on your business.

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