3 ways to make recognition an everyday event

By Denise Willett, senior director

Today’s employees are looking for a deeper meaning in their jobs, where they can add value and feel connected to the overall vision and purpose of their company. A company’s culture is becoming more important than ever. In a recent global study, Achievers found that 66% of UK respondents cited a positive corporate culture as important or very important in their decision to stay with their current employer.

How has company culture changed and what opportunities lie in front of us?

Nowadays, advancements in technology allows everyone to have instant access to information at their fingertips. When job seekers look for employment they take to the Internet to read all of the good, bad and ugly that is available on social media (i.e. Glassdoor, Facebook, etc.).

The power has shifted and continues to shift from the employer to the employee. Because of this ongoing shift, now more than ever, employee recognition is no longer a nice-to have, but a requirement to maximise business performance.

At Achievers we believe, and Havard Business Review agrees, that recognition is the number one trigger to impact employee engagement and, in turn, business performance. So, how can you get started and set yourself up for success? Read our ebook 3 ways to make recognition an everyday event for some ideas.