Why storytelling is a powerful employee benefits tool

By Debra Corey, Group Reward Director 

Let me tell you a story… it’s about how we used storytelling at Reward Gateway to connect our people to our new employee wellbeing benefit, using the power of storytelling to ensure the benefit was not just understood, but shouted from the rooftops!

But before I get into telling the story, let me first explain the benefit, which we call the Wellbeing Choice benefit. The way it works is that each employee is given an annual wellbeing pot which they can use however and whenever they want to achieve their employee wellbeing goals – whether that’s a gym membership, the latest fitness tech, or something with a bit more imagination. All we ask is that they make a pledge of what state of wellbeing they want to achieve with their money.

When we first launched the new benefit we knew our employees would embrace it, but this level of choice and trust (the options were endless!) would also make it confusing to them. How could they decide what to use their wellbeing pot for?

Click here to find out how we ditched the traditional communication campaign and went straight to storytelling, to give our employees ideas and inspiration to use this new benefit.