When Was the Last Time You Sent a Card? The Importance of Small Gestures at Work.

When was the last time you sent a card to a friend? It could have been as a personalised birthday card or a thoughtful handwritten note. We often send cards to our family and friends, but how often do you send one to your employees?

National Send a Card to a Friend Day!

February 7th marks National Send a Card to a Friend day. This day reminds us how important it is to show appreciation and spread positivity with a small act of kindness, like sending a card to a loved one or a cherished staff member.

Despite new digital tools, the tradition of giving greeting cards as an expression of affection remains true with people of all ages (1). One study showed that receiving a handwritten note was more emotionally impactful and made people feel more special than a digital note (2).

Receiving a greeting card increases gratitude and happiness as a recipient, making it a great gesture to bring to the workplace.

Through a recognition-focused HR strategy, you can cultivate a level of positivity and happiness in your workplace. And even though handwritten greeting cards have a more emotional impact, showcasing your gratitude for your friends, colleague, or employees has many incredible benefits. Small gestures of appreciation benefit their wellbeing and will help cultivate strong relationships.

Small Gestures, Big Impact 

Studies have shown that small gestures such as sending a card or grabbing coffee can significantly impact workplace culture. Small acts of kindness at work and praise positively influence employee wellbeing, productivity and performance, generating an admired and successful business with thriving staff (3).

It is more important than ever to recognise and reward your employees with the cost of living crisis, the post-pandemic world and the ‘great resignation’. Starting with small gestures can have a big impact, and sending a card is a great place to start. A UK study found that out of 700 employees of a major employer, almost 50% of employees stated that a simple thank you would make them feel more valued in the workplace. That simple ‘thank you’ can motivate and engage employees, helping to create a positive and motivating work environment (4).

Employee Gifting

Small gestures and employee gifting doesn’t have to be costly. Use tools like Each Person as part of your HR strategy and gain access to many ways to recognise and reward your team.

Rewards and recognition are great ways to retain your people, attract new talent, and build a work culture that aligns with your business values and goals. Make sure to regularly implement employee gifting to reap the benefits and create a lasting culture.

So, why not start with sending your people an Ecard to celebrate National Send a Card to a Friend day this year?

Get Started With Ecards 

Translate the same gratitude and thoughtfulness into a digital ‘thank you’ and utilise Each Person’s most used feature – the Ecard.

This feature enables you to praise your team and live your company values. You can even attach Epoints to the thank you Ecard to reward your employees, giving them a chance to spend at some of the top retailers.

Whether it is a handwritten note, digital Ecard, vouchers or a thoughtful email, appreciate your employees often. Recognition and small gestures are the best way to make a significant impact, and Each Person can help you achieve this.

Learn more about Ecards, employee gifting and much more with the Each Person platform. Find out today how we help you support your staff and create an employee work culture to be proud of with our award-winning employee recognition and reward scheme.

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