Vegan Liftz seeks meat-eaters to test out a plant-based diet

Vegan Liftz seeks meat-lovers to test out a plant-based diet

Something for the weekend: Meat-eaters young and old have a chance to try something new this January, as Vegan Liftz is offering to pay California-based volunteers to eat vegan food for 30 days.

Three meat lovers will be paid $3,500 (£2,576) each to venture into a new world of veganism for a month. The chosen candidates will be asked to create case studies explaining their journeys and how it has impacted their health and fitness.

For the healthiest results, it is important for the new vegans to previously have undertaken a meat-heavy diet.

Make no mistake that previous meat-lovers will not be alone in this task, as Vegan Liftz will provide the applicants with a new diet plan free of charge to sink their teeth into. However, they must complete a remote health and fitness check before and after the study, as well as take head-to-toe before and after pictures. Vegan Liftz hopes to commence this study mid-January.

Here at Employee Benefits, we hope that the successful applicants will learn something from their new dieting experience. Who knows…it might be just the beginning of a new diet for them.