The big thing you’re missing that will boost your Employee Value Proposition

By Didi Kirova, Head of Learning & People Experience

Why do you prefer one brand of ice cream more than another? Does the entire experience – from purchase to that first spoonful – make you happy? Or more importantly, does this experience keep you connected and coming back for more? The same is true for why employees choose to work (and stay) at your organisation — every “ingredient” makes a difference in how your company is perceived.

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) in this case can be thought of as an ice cream sundae – one that’s completely unique to your organisation and helps you stand out amongst the other sundaes. While many choose to put a regular cherry on top, yours is as unique as the toppings on your own EVP sundae.

Your EVP helps you understand what value you bring potential and current employees and what attracts people in the first place. Organisations which adopt creative ways to communicate their company values and culture truly stand out from the competition and create more connected, engaged companies as a result.

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