The benefits Lana Del Rey could receive as a Waffle House employee

Lana Del Rey benefits
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Something for the weekend: US singer Lana Del Rey has been spotted working at an Alabama branch of Waffle House this week, where she took food orders, made coffee for guests and even signed merchandise.

Fans commented on her appearance on social media, stating: “She’s humble. I respect it.” and “Imagine just going to eat and Lana Del Rey is your waitress”.

Another wrote: “She just wants to be normal I feel her.” while someone else joked: “Singer, actress, waitress, 10-minute songs, Waffle House employee. What is it Miss Lana Del Rey can’t do?”

An American chain restaurant with more than 2,000 locations across the southern United States, Waffle House allows its staff to access and manage their employee benefits through the My Waffle House Login portal.

If Lana Del Rey ever experiences ‘Summertime Sadness’ and wants a change of career, the perks she could potentially receive as part of the Waffle House team include health, dental, vision and life insurance, stock ownership opportunities, “excellent” earning potential, paid maternity leave after working continuously for two years, one hour of paid time off for every 30 hours worked, the choice between full-time or part-time employment and day or night shifts, and advancement opportunities to management positions.

Through the My Waffle House portal, employees can also easily access their accounts online and complete their work, complete online job applications and receive their pay weekly via direct deposit.

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The organisation added that its management understands employees’ problems and will grant leave for appropriate reasons.

We at Employee Benefits would have been surprised to see Lana Del Rey at a local restaurant as well! Sounds like she’d be entitled to some solid employee benefits at Waffle House, maybe even a free waffle too?