Tesco becomes first CIPD-accredited People Development Partner


Retailer Tesco is the first business to be accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) as part of its new People Development Partner initiative.

The scheme, launched in August 2019, recognises employers that commit to continually raising the level of expertise and influence that their people team has, both internally and externally; it further acknowledges businesses that develop their people teams as a function, as well as supporting individual HR and learning and development professionals.

To achieve People Development Partner status, employers must work in active partnership with the CIPD to develop staff. Criteria for the new accreditation include aligning HR practices to the CIPD’s profession map, committing to ongoing professionalism through people qualifications and CIPD membership, championing the HR profession by providing entry-level jobs, participating in CIPD research and policy work, and working with the CIPD to support professionals through training and development opportunities.

Adam Stanbury, head of employer solutions at the CIPD, said: “Tesco’s achievement of Partner status is a terrific reflection of the work that we have done together and the commitment that they have made to the individuals in their people team and right across the business.

“People teams are tasked with delivering workforces that are fit for purpose and ready to meet the future and fast-changing needs of businesses. To do this, it’s important that they continue to invest in their own capabilities and practices.

“We’re excited that the People Development Partner status will recognise this ongoing commitment to excellence in HR and we look forward to working in partnership with more organisations to help them achieve this.”

Emma Taylor, UK people director at retailer Tesco, added: “The development of the partnership and the focus that we have been putting on it reflects how critical we see the role HR can play within Tesco. Our people team often diagnose areas of the business that can benefit from learning and development, but it’s equally important that we look to ourselves and our own development.

“Our colleagues in the people team have benefitted hugely from our partner journey with the CIPD. They have further developed their passion, energy and confidence, and by being engaged themselves, they have become ambassadors for continuous improvement and learning across Tesco. There’s been a real galvanising effect which is helping the team to work better together and develop stronger partnerships with the wider business.”