Springbok AI implements four-day working week

Springbok AI four-day weekArtificial intelligence (AI) consultant Springbok AI has implemented a permanent four-day working week following a successful year-long trial.

The pilot programme saw improvements in productivity due to work optimisation and extended rest periods, with the firm’s average productivity level rising from 6.6/10 in June 2022 to 9/10 in May 2023. Furthermore, there was a rise of approximately 36.36% for the average and 28.57% for the median in productivity between June 2022 and June 2023.

It also positively influenced overall wellbeing, with a 16% increase from 7.25/10 at the start of the trial to 8.4/10 by its conclusion. This improvement was credited to less stress, greater appreciation, improved focus, and additional time for personal projects and focus group work.

Springbok AI stated that the trial did not significantly alter the amount of work left behind each week, but it did notice enhancements in meeting behaviours and a positive impact on its contractors, with none reporting any adverse effects on their work. Additionally, the trial influenced more than 50% of its new hires, with many citing it as a key factor in their decision to apply and accept positions with the firm.

Over the next two-three months, Springbok AI will refine the details of its four-day working week, such as making a comprehensive list of exceptions to ensure full coverage and clarity. In addition, it will conduct regular survey check-ins and six-month reviews to make necessary adjustments and ensure the new model’s effectiveness.

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Victoria Albrecht, chief executive officer and co-founder of Springbok AI, said: “We’re thrilled with the outcome of the four-day working week. This move reaffirms our commitment to innovation and underscores the importance we place on our people’s wellbeing. This experiment was more than about productivity, it was about creating a culture that values people as our most precious asset.

“We sincerely hope other firms will also place an equal emphasis on productivity and wellbeing. It’s time to step into the future of work, redefining our approach to the traditional working week.”