Report: Building a business case for social recognition  

Ninety per cent of employers say they have some form of recognition programme in place1 but with only 15 per cent of the global workforce engaged, a number that alarmingly drops into single figures if you focus on UK statistics2, these programmes are clearly far from effective. It’s not safe to assume your workforce is being suitably recognised, because the reality is that they likely are not. Their hard work is not being appreciated, nor validated in a way that evokes inspiration. As the number one driver of employee engagement3, maybe it’s time to re-think recognition!

Based on data collected in 2018, this report is invaluable in helping organisations understand the value of technology-based social recognition solutions and strategies to communicate that value to key internal stakeholders. Download the report now and if you are interested in a demo of the Achievers platform, email [email protected]

1 “Trends in Employee Recognition.” WorldatWork. Jun. 2013. Web. 10 Feb. 2014