PURR-sonal Assistant – Do You Allow Pets in the Office?

Job satisfaction can mean different things to different people, depending on their main motivators for their work. For some people, it’s building connections with colleagues; for others, it’s feeling accomplished and like their work is valued.

However, many people struggle with finding job satisfaction, with 33.33% feeling unhappy (2). Therefore, it is essential to consider how you can increase job satisfaction for your people.

Something you may not normally consider when discussing how to improve employee job satisfaction is the effect of allowing pets in the office.

With 52% of adults in the UK owning a pet (1) and many having to leave them at home alone while they go to the office, offering the chance to bring them into the workplace can significantly benefit job satisfaction for many reasons.

Currently, around 8% of employees are allowed to bring their pets to work (1). At Each Person, we think this number should be much higher!

Sup-PAW-t Your People’s Wellbeing

Allowing a pet-friendly office is a fantastic way to benefit your employees’ wellbeing in multiple ways, with people noting a 4.7% increase in better general wellbeing (1).

There’s no doubt cuddling with a little puppy would lighten almost anyone’s day, but it can actually improve job satisfaction and engagement statistics.

Studies have shown that bringing pets into the office increased engagement by 14.4% and an improvement of 13.1% for job satisfaction (1).

Whether the animal is energetic or docile, their presence can help to release serotonin in people’s brains- particularly useful if they’ve been having a stressful day. A dog’s calm and loyal nature, for example, could help someone relax and focus.

It also helps pet owners who previously had to leave their pets alone for most of the day. Many even invested in cameras which they placed up around their house so they could check on their pet throughout the day.

The Ruff Realities

Bringing dogs into the office sounds all well and good, but there are many things you need to consider before giving all pet parents the go-ahead.


Some people might have allergies to long-haired animals or pets that shed their hair a lot. Others might have a fear of dogs and could be unwilling to resolve this in their place of work. This should always be considered and prioritised to ensure everyone can feel healthy and happy to continue their work.

Toilet Breaks

If your office is on a higher level or does not have an outside area for the pets to roam, ensure there is an accessible way for them to do their business. Or allow pet parents short breaks to take their pets outside. Other compromises could be using puppy pads in a bathroom or somewhere accessible so they know where they can go.

Animal Wellbeing

Is there a place for the animal to be comfortable? Somewhere out of direct sunlight so they don’t get too hot? Are other employees allowed to give them treats? Is the office safe for the pet? Is there any machinery or furniture that could cause injury? All questions regarding the welfare of the pet should be discussed beforehand, and any dietary or medical requirements should be made clear to the whole office before bringing them in.

Extrovert or Introvert

Some pets love socialising and get on well with other animals and people. Others can be much more anxious and timid when it comes to making new friends. It’s important to consider different animals’ personalities and their compatibility. It may also be important to think about setting a limit on how many animals are allowed in the office at a time. If you think more animals could be a distraction rather than a benefit, then setting a limit is a good way to manage this issue.

Each PAW-son

We have lots of pet parents at Each Person HQ, and each fur baby is a part of the family. So, say hello to some of our wonderful four-legged CLAW-leagues!


Nicknames: Vicks, Vicky B, Miss B – but can’t hear you when you call any of them Breed: King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Age: 11 Parent: Becki

Personality: Loving, sassy, scavenger. Even though her heart condition means she can’t have any treats or snacks, Vicks has nailed the puppy eyes for when you’re having your lunch. Will take cuddles and belly rubs from anyone who will give them.


Favourite Food: Cherry tomatoes, halved – will not accept if they are whole Breed: Shih Tzu

Age: 3

Parent: Natalie

Personality: Spoilt, lives like royalty, steals socks. Although she loves people, Honey can get a little jealous of other dogs, so when she’s in the office, she likes to be the centre of attention. Loves you until you put sunglasses on and turn into a stranger.


Favourite Toy: Elephant Breed: Cockapoo

Age: 3 Parent: Ella

Personality: Old man in a young pup’s body. Loves the park and, if he’s been a good boy, his favourite snack is a small spoon of peanut butter. An old-school gentleman with his bow ties, Reggie is a calm, collected, photogenic pup.


Favourite Place: The park to play with his ball Breed: Golden Doodle

Age: 2

Parent: Shane

Personality: A big baby, trying to convince everyone he’s still as tiny and bouncy as he was as a puppy. His main goals are to play ball, lick your face and chill out next to his favourite humans. Typically greeted with choirs of ‘awwww’s.

We even named our meeting rooms after a few of our office pets: Reggie, Honey, and Wilson!

At Each Person, we offer the ultimate feel-good package to support your people’s wellbeing and improve productivity and job satisfaction. From daily thank you’ Ecards to an effective Employee Assistance Programme, Each Person gives you the opportunity to reward and recognise your people while looking out for their mental, physical and financial wellbeing. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

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Written by Alex Crump