Pop still top when powering workplace productivity

pop musicSomething for the weekend: Whether the old-fashioned radio or a Spotify solution, many workplaces will harness the power of music to create a pleasant environment and boost creativity. Music licensing firm PPL PRS has found that pop is still top when it comes to powering workplace productivity (43%).

A survey of 2,000 UK employees also discovered that this was true in both small (33%) and large (49%) businesses. Nevertheless, 26% said that despite its heavier characteristics, rock helps to motivate them to rock on with their work – very for-tune-ate for fans of this genre!

According to the findings, a certain rate of beats-per-minute may be the secret to motivation, with pop averaging 100-130 and rock 110-140.

Other motivating music genres include classical (24%), soul (18%) and reggae (14%). Pop is a firm favourite with junior team members (44%), but C-suite leaders prefer a more soothing sound in classical (25%) or soul (20%). Meanwhile, funk leaves office workers the least inspired (5%) followed by grime (6%).

When staff were asked how important stimulants commonly found in offices are in creating a positive working environment, 31% said sound helped, in particular music. Almost two-thirds (63%) said that different types of music definitely help to lift their spirits or mellow them, while 48% mixed up their music choice all the time depending on the activity at hand.

Andrea Gray, managing director at PPL PRS, said: “Now that offices have largely reopened, leaders should prioritise creating an environment that supports employees’ needs. Music in the workplace supercharges productivity and creates a buzz that so many have missed while working remotely to ultimately benefit the bottom line.

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“The quality output from today’s creators and performers is delivering more than just a pleasurable listening experience, it’s a driving force behind employee performance and the economy.”

We’re taking note(s) of these findings here at Employee Benefits, and are no strangers to playing some music to pop, rock and roll our way through the working day!