Poll: 52% believe a broad range of benefits is best for a multigenerational workforce


Employee Benefits poll: Around half (52%) of Employee Benefits readers believe that offering a broad range of benefits is the best way to tailor reward for a multigenerational workforce.

A straw poll of www.employeebenefits.co.uk readers, which received 71 responses, also found that 38% of readers think that providing flexible or agile working opportunities is the most effective way to tailor benefits for a multigenerational employee base, while 6% feel that a health and wellbeing focus is the best way to accommodate staff across different age ranges.

Comparatively, 3% state that introducing a diversity and inclusion programme is the preferred method for tailoring benefits and reward, and 1% do not know how they would personalise benefits for this type of workforce.

The Benefits and trends survey 2019, published by Aon in June 2019, found that 50% of 200 employer respondents do not think their benefits offering is meeting the needs of all the generations within their workforce; a further 89% feel they will need to change their reward package to suit future generations entering the workforce.

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