Martha How to discuss benefits segmentation

Martha How, reward partner, Aon Employee Benefits will present new research on the generational segmentation of benefits at Employee Benefits Live 2015.

How (pictured) will discuss her findings and recommendations at a session entitled ’Is age just a number?’ on 21 September.


During the session, she will delve into the results of the research, which suggests that current practice into generational segmentation is too simplistic and not necessarily supportive of employee and employer needs. 

How says: “It’s a common view that we now have five generations in the workforce, each with differing needs and preferences. These can be caricatures, for example, that 20-somethings aren’t interested in pensions, while 50-somethings are worriers about pension and health.

“Until now, flex has been the answer to offer choice for individual preferences.

“Segmentation by age is fine if it’s done intelligently and is based on actual data. Making sweeping assumptions is dangerous.”

The session will also examine what factors employers need to address when delivering and communicating reward and benefits based on data.

How will speak alongside Tobin Murphy-Coles, commercial director at Aon Emploee Benefits, and Chris Carter, head of reward for UK and Ireland at software firm SAS.

Employee Benefits Live 2015 will take place on 21-22 September at Olympia National, London.

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