KFC to roll out TRS to all staff

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), part of Yum! Brands, will be rolling out total reward statements (TRS) to its weekly-paid employees as part of plans to promote its employee value proposition (EVP) internally.

Speaking during the total reward stream at Employee Benefits Live on 25 September, Craig Truter, total reward manager, at KFC, said: “Internal communications is something we wrestle with. It has traditionally been cascaded down from managers.”

The restaurant chain has typically handed out annual paper-based statements only to its salaried employees. As it launches an online benefits intranet site next year, KFC will send the statements out to all 23,000 UK staff, including weekly-paid employees for the first time.

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The EVP includes training and development, a recognition scheme, corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, and benefits and reward.

“The EVP is an affirmation of the efforts employees are putting into the organisation,” said Truter. “It also benefits the business. What’s happening behind the counter will transfer across the counter to the customer.”