Employee Benefits Live: Ceva Logistics reduces absence following launch of recognition scheme

Ceva Logistics has improved sickness absence levels following the introduction of a recognition programme.

Speaking at Employee Benefits Live 2011, Nik Butcher, head of reward at Ceva, explained that a staff survey showed that there were low levels of engagement within the organisation and that employees required appreciation from their employer.

Ceva put in place a recognition programme that offers monthly, quarterly and yearly awards. Employees are able to nominate their peers, a key point in recognition schemes, said Butcher: “In order to get a recognition scheme that does engage staff, it has to be opened up to peer recognition.”

In the first year of introducing the recognition scheme, Ceva has noticed a reduction in sickness absence, heading towards 2% to 3%, which is saving the organisation millions of pounds.
Butcher commented on the importance of employee engagement and appreciation: “With all reward models, if youdon’t understand what your staff actually want, how can you expect to reward them?”

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