EXCLUSIVE: Danwood introduces holiday purchase scheme

Danwood offices outside-2015EXCLUSIVE: Danwood has introduced holiday buying as a benefit for its 1,140 employees.

The printing services organisation is offering the benefit on a voluntary or salary sacrifice basis after its 2014 employee engagement survey revealed that 69% of its staff were interested in purchasing additional holiday. Staff can now purchase up to three days of additional leave.

The employer plans to review its holiday buying scheme at the end of 2016 with a view to potentially increasing the amount of days employees can buy to five a year.

Jennifer Roberts, compensation and benefits manager at Danwood Group, said: “Holiday buying was a particular focus for us, because we recognise that work-life balance is important. By allowing employees the choice of more time off throughout the year, they have the flexibility to take time off for the things that are important to them in their personal lives.”

In the 2014 engagement survey, 83% of respondents said they would be interested in having access to more benefits that were relevant to them and their lifestyle, and 67% said they would like additional salary sacrifice schemes.

In response to feedback given in the survey, Danwood is developing its offering to provide employees with the benefits they stated they would like. This includes an employee assistance programme (EAP), which was introduced in July 2014.

Roberts added: “It was important that after opening the survey, we listened to [staff] feedback and designed a plan to tackle the points employees raised. Over the past year, the benefits that have been implemented are designed to offer broader choice and to reach out to every demographic across Danwood, so there is something for everyone.

“In 2016, two years after the original survey, we will again open the discussion of benefits for feedback and inspired ideas on the next leg of our benefits and employee engagement journey. With some great proposals already in the pipeline, there are some exciting times to come.”