Poll: 66% think there should be a clearer link between pay and performance for all staff

pay and performance

Employee Benefits poll: Two-thirds (66%) of respondents think that there should be a clearer link between pay and performance across all staff.

A straw poll of www.employeebenefits.co.uk readers, which received 70 responses, also found that 26% of respondents believe that a clearer link between pay and performance should be demonstrated for employees in specific target-driven roles only.

A minority (4%) do not think there needs to be a clearer link between pay and performance, and a further 4% do not know.

Risk management, insurance brokerage and advisory organisation Willis Towers Watson found in its 2016 Willis Towers Watson global workforce study, which surveyed 36,000 full-time employees working in large and midsize organisations across 29 global markets, that only 37% of UK respondents see a clear link between their pay and performance. Furthermore, 40% feel their manager makes fair decisions on how their performance links to pay decisions, and 46% believe their organisation does a good job of explaining its pay programmes.

On the other hand, Willis Towers Watson’s 2016 Willis Towers Watson talent management and rewards survey, which surveyed 2,004 organisations worldwide, found that 58% of UK employer respondents think that employee performance is fairly reflected in pay decisions, and 36% believe their base pay programme is well executed. More than half (54%) of these respondents also believe employees understand how their base pay is determined.

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Both reports were published in October 2017.

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