Employees holiday with colleagues

Most of us spend more time with our colleagues than anyone else, and we are increasingly prepared to go on
holiday with them too.

A study by www.sunshine.co.uk showed that 9% of full-time employees had been abroad with at least one of their work colleagues, and 4% had turned a work-related trip abroad into a holiday.

While staff may view holidays with colleagues as another perk, everyone wanting to take annual leave at the same
time might present challenges.

Chris Brown, co-founder of Sunshine.co.uk, said: “It can only be a good thing that you get on so well with your colleagues that you can face going on holiday together.

“I think it’s a good sign that so many co-workers go abroad together, but it must be a bit of a nightmare getting time off at the same time, particularly in smaller organisations.

“We obviously expected most people to have been on holiday with friends and family, but weren’t expecting quite so many to have said they’ve actually been away with colleagues before.”

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