QVC introduced wellbeing strategy following staff consultation

QVC introduced a wellbeing strategy for its 2,100 staff in Merseyside and London following consultation with its employee committee, the QVC Forum, in 2006.

Kelly Morgan, head of HR at the shopping channel, says: “Our parent company in the US had been running health and wellbeing programmes for several years and we wanted to run something similar in the UK. When we told the Forum about it, they thought it was a good idea and wanted to know more about what could be done.”

Suggestions about what could be included in the programme were presented to the Forum and these were then discussed with employees. These discussions generated a number of ideas. “Feedback from the Forum led to us introducing a Weight Watchers programme. This was really successful with 25 employees signing up and one losing 2.5 stone. This has really helped promote the service as there’s nothing more powerful than when an employee stands up and shows what they’ve achieved,” explains Morgan.

A smoking cessation programme was also a popular request, with 40 employees signing up, of which 12 successfully gave up cigarettes.

Morgan is also careful to ensure the strategy is kept alive, refreshing it every quarter. For example, 2007 kicked off with a ‘New Year New You’ theme, which covered a broad range of health issues. This was followed in March with a more holistic theme of Mind, Body and Spirit.

“We have had a good take-up for all the programmes we have introduced. We ran a cancer awareness programme which included sessions with a consultant and this was over-subscribed so we will look to do more of this,” says Morgan. The initial buy-in for the programme as well as the ongoing endorsement has translated into positive results for the business, she adds.