Milton Keynes managers are most rewarding in UK

Managers in Milton Keynes are themost rewarding in the UK, according to research by Jurys Inn Hotels and CrossCountry trains.

The hotel group’s survey of 2,500 office workers found that managers in Milton Keynes are most likely to reward their team’s successes, with 97% of bosses choosing to reward their teams after a successful business meeting, pitch or new business win.

The most common ways for managers in Milton Keynes to treat their teams are with office snacks such as cakes or nibbles, followed by ordering a round of drinks or taking the team for lunch.

Suzanne Cannon, group marketing manager at Jurys Inn, said: “It appears that more and more employees want to feel that they are being recognised for their efforts.” 

The top 10 cities with the most rewarding bosses are:

1. Milton Keynes

2. Cardiff

3. Belfast

4. Portsmouth

5. Norwich

6. Southampton

7. London

8. Edinburgh

9. Newcastle

10. Swindon and Watford