Salesforce conducts $3m salary adjustment to address equal pay

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Cloud computing firm Salesforce has spent a total of $3 million on salary adjustments in order to rectify statistically significant differences in pay between male and female employees carrying out comparable work.

The organisation implemented the changes after conducting an analysis of the salaries of its 17,000 global employees as of August 2015. The assessment aimed to identify if there were any pay disparities between men and women performing comparable work.

The assessment grouped staff in comparable roles and analysed pay according to factors such as level, job function and location.

The analysis found that 6% of Salesforce’s workforce required a salary adjustment, around half of which were female employees.

Salesforce is taking a number of steps to address equality and diversity among its workforce, including community outreach initiatives and a high potential leadership programme to help women develop leadership skills.

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Cindy Robbins, executive vice president, global employee success at Salesforce, said: “Achieving equality for all is one of the greatest challenges that we will face in our lifetime. This is a battle that cannot be won by one [organisation], one leader or any one community. It’s a challenge that every chief executive officer and every business leader must address.

“And that’s just what we are doing at Salesforce. We have made equality a core value for the [organisation], and we are working to increase equality by focusing our efforts on equal pay, equal advancement, and equal opportunity.”