Case study: Deloitte’s onsite perks add up

Deloitte’s London campus has a variety of onsite facilities for staff, including a gym, a health suite with doctors and dentists, a beauty therapist, a masseuse, a physiotherapist and a variety of restaurants and coffee bars.

Stevan Rolls, UK head of HR at Deloitte, says: “That package is the kind of thing some people might say is to keep employees in the office and working hard, but I do not see it that way. These are incredibly accessible benefits. I needed some vaccinations done and it was much more convenient to do it at work.”

The onsite restaurants and coffee bars are open early, so staff can come in for breakfast, but close by 5.30pm each day. The gym is most often used early in the morning, at lunchtime and towards the end of the day, but closes by 8.30pm.

“I know a lot of employees will schedule a gym workout in the middle of the afternoon because that is when they have a break in their day,” says Rolls. “If the gym was not there, they would probably use that break to do other work-related things.

“Whether or not these perks are seen as a negative thing is really about the attitude and the culture of the organisation. It is not about telling employees they need to be here all the time. It is just part of what a good employer should offer.”

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