Lloyds Pharmacy prescribes new staff incentive scheme

Lloyds Pharmacy has replaced its quarterly sales-led cash bonus scheme with a new incentive programme for store managers, pharmacists and other staff that includes a range of measures and targets. The firm has made the move to drive customer service and improve motivation among its 16,000 UK staff.

Pharmacy managers and pharmacists will be awarded annual cash bonuses that depend on them achieving nine targets set by the employer, including customer service, finance and business targets.

Other pharmacy employees will take part in an incentive scheme focused on motivating staff to achieve one specified target over the quarter. The target will change each quarter. The firm also intends to vary the method of reward for pharmacy staff each quarter by using motivation vouchers and cash incentives. Mystery shoppers will be used to determine customer service levels.

Theresa Costello, reward manager at Lloyds Pharmacy, said: “The two new schemes have been designed to promote putting the customer first, and are complementary and team-based. The staff incentive scheme focuses on one target per quarter and is therefore simpler than the previous bonus schemes offered to our staff.”