Buzzfeed and JustEat named on UK’s Top Quirky Employee Perks and Benefits list for 2017

Website analytics organisation Hotjar, takeaway delivery service JustEat, and media organisation Buzzfeed UK are among the 20 organisations on the UK’s Top Quirky Employee Perks and Benefits 2017 list, compiled by Glassdoor.

Hotjar gives employees €4,000 (£3,492) to build their own office space at home, while Buzzfeed UK employees can enjoy live, on-site performances by British musicians every Thursday.

Software organisation Cloudreach takes its employees on secret holidays to destinations such as Europe and North America. Phoenix Partnership, a Leeds-based software organisation, provides staff with annual sailing trips across the world, and betting exchange business Smarkets has a team of full-time chefs who cook breakfast, lunch and dinner daily for London-based employees.

Ten of the organisations that feature on the UK’s Top Quirky Employee Perks and Benefits 2017 list, which is not ranked in any particular order, include:

  • Hotjar: The analytics organisation provides employees with €4,000 to build their own office space at home.
  • TransferWise: The financial services organisation has a built-in office sauna for all employees to use.
  • BrewDog: The craft beer organisation offers employees paid puppy leave.
  • Winton Capital Management: The investment management firm employs a food evangelist to ensure employees have advice on the best food to suit their needs.
  • The comparison site organisation moved employees to a renovated castle, featuring a built-in Stars Wars-themed cinema room (pictured).
  • JustEat: The food delivery business gives employees free food and drink every Friday and hosts a resident DJ for the evening.
  • Cloudreach: The software firm takes employees on secret holidays across Europe and North America.
  • Buzzfeed UK: The media organisation hosts live music performances in the office every Thursday.
  • ZPG: The digital media business offers staff interest-free loans for home  improvements and weddings.
  • Phoenix Partnership: The IT organisation offers employees annual sailing trips to global locations.

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David Whitby, UK country manager at Glassdoor, said: “Perks don’t have to be expensive, but if used correctly they can reinforce [an organisation’s] brand and values.

“[Organisations] aren’t always able to pay top salaries in the most competitive labour markets. In these cases, offering a more generous, and in some cases creative, benefits package can help employers attract and retain candidates, while also improving employee satisfaction and building a strong corporate culture.”