Axa includes a range of benefits for staff travel

Axa includes a range of benefits within its staff travel policy.


The insurer has a comprehensive company car policy, which offers all its employees the opportunity to have a company car, using three funding methods: employee car ownership, contract hire and a salary sacrifice arrangement.

It also offers a number of other travel-related benefits such as a cash allowance towards the cost of a car for those that need one for work purposes, season ticket loans towards train travel and a bikes-for-work scheme.

Nadeen Jackson-Barker, reward manager at Axa, says: “It is a comprehensive policy that is about helping employees travel to work and travel on business.

“An integral part of the policy, where possible, is to encourage employees to use different methods of travel to help cut the organisation’s carbon footprint.”

Axa’s policy also offers support and guidance on safe driving for work, which includes journey planning. It updates this regularly.

It also carries out annual driving licence checks and produces newsletters to highlight any changes in policies or government legislation.

“The booklet is there to educate employees,” says Jackson-Barker. “There is a need, as a good employer, to make sure people are safe when travelling.

“It is part of our policy to communicate effectively because it could go unnoticed, for example that you need to carry a breathalyser in the car if you are travelling in France.

“Our staff travel policy offers the benefits that are necessary, but also guidance. The policy is primarily built around safety, and the next issue [to consider] are the cost savings behind offering employees appropriate benefits.”