Product news – Towers Perrin unveils online diagnostic survey tool

Towers Perrin HR Services has unveiled an online diagnostic survey tool with the aim of giving organisations a more accurate insight into the level of employee engagement.

The Towers Perrin Rapid Engagement Diagnostic Survey has been designed to provide a quick and accurate way of measuring a level of employee commitment, beyond the typical annual or biennial workforce survey.

Emma Mayes, a consultant at Towers Perrin, said: “To augment their broad employee studies, clients are telling us they need a simple, direct and quick way to measure employee engagement accurately: something that can be developed, deployed and put to good use in a matter of weeks, not months.”

According to the Towers Perrin 2004 European talent survey, just 14% of employees at large organisations are highly engaged, 65% are moderately engaged and 21% show little commitment.

The consultancy claimed that the new tool will help organisations measure and benchmark engagement levels and identify the factors that drive engagement scores as well as areas where change may be needed.

It added that engagement is important because ultimately it impacts on growth and productivity, while organisations with high engagement levels outperform industry average growth rates by at least 1%.

The study lasts between five and six weeks, and has a base price of £15,000.

For more information contact Emma Mayes at Towers Perrin on 020 7170 3355